Breaking Ground: Key Projects

We look at some of the notable projects across the world to break ground in the past few months

Lessons from Brighton’s Edward Street Quarter

Edward Street Quarter is the largest commercial development to be built in Brighton, UK for 25 years

Craftworks’ Award-Winning Residential Project

The Chapel is a dramatic conversion project by architects Craftworks

Inside the innovation village

South Seaham Garden Village is a housing project that is set to provide an innovative blueprint for sustainability

The UK's Architectural hotspots

While London is undoubtedly the architectural capital of the UK, practices thrive in many of the country’s cities

Where Steel and Concrete Meet Archaeology

The Museum of Troy uses modern materials to reference its unearthed exhibits.

Introducing Digital Twin Technology

Digital technologies have had a profound impact on the property industry, but there are advances to come

All Aboard the Bauhaus Bus

A mobile building modelled on the Bauhaus school’s workshops has been launched

DBR Hotels: Designing the Whitworth Locke Hotel

A renovation of a 19th Century cotton mill in the UK city of Manchester, we look at the newly completed hotel 

DBR Hotels: Designing for Veganism

The rising popularity of veganism has influenced many industries, and now it is having an impact on hotel design

DBR Hotels: The Hotel in a Quarry

The Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland Hotel in China is the world’s first hotel located in a disused quarry

DBR Hotels: Shigeru Ban goes into the woods

A boutique hotel located in Japanese woodland, Shishi-Iwa House sits comfortably within nature

The Evolving Home

The makeup of the average home has changed considerably over the centuries

Striking concepts: Architectural projects

Glossy concepts are released every day, and while not all make it to reality, they serve as powerful inspiration

Realising the spaceport

In the future, spaceports will be a form of architectural typology as familiar as airports or museums

Beyond Cement: Fly Ash 

The construction material that promises to be “greener, stronger and more durable” than traditional cement

The portable architecture of the future

Prefabs have steadily grown in popularity over the last few years, but technology is transforming their potential

New In: The Latest Materials, Fixtures and Fittings

There are always new materials, fixtures and fittings coming onto the market. Here we present our recent picks